ContentStudio - Automate Blogging and Social Media Marketing

Automate Blogging and Social Media Marketing

Be connected with your audience intelligently

Hands-free content posting to blogging and social channels

Most people find it difficult to regularly update their blog or social channels with new content to share with their audience. That’s why we have created a module where you can create campaigns that will auto-post to your destination channels without ever interrupting you.

Filter content with your own rules

Set your own rules to filer the type of content you want to share with your audience. Our machine learning algorithms try to find the best matched content for ever post it shares. Edit your rules according to the results you get to create a perfect set of rules and your will never have to worry about manual posting ever again.

Get translated or rewritten content

If your target audience is from a different region, you can get content translated to any other language you want. And If you prefer automated re-written content, the good news is that our platform also supports content rewriting using WordAi, SpinRewriter and ChimpRewriter integrations.

Set & forget post scheduling

Set your own posting interval for each campaign to create an optimal post frequency. You can also select under which Wordpress category the post has to go or which social channels it has to share it with.