Social Media Analytics to Help Drive Marketing Strategy

Get access to deep social data with is bound to transform your entire marketing strategy. Couple that with powerful automated reporting to facilitate decision-makers in your organization.

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Multi-Channel Analysis

Multi-Channel Social Analysis

The social media analytics module is divided into 5 sections (Overall, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest) to give you a wholesome sense of your channel's performance. Measure verticles such as total engagement, audience growth, top-performing posts, and countless more. Watch and monitor your social channel's activity evolve in the form of appealing and detailed graphs and charts.

Report Customization for a personalized touch

Share the performance of your social media channels in the form of customized reports. These reports are tailored to your brand color and business logo.

Report Customization
Automated Reports

Automated reports to help improve content strategy

We have automated the process of report generation and distribution for you. Periodically share your social media accomplishments with colleagues, peers, and decision-makers. Simply create a pool of 25 or fewer emails addresses and set a time and date when the report should land in their inbox.

Insights (best day, total posts, hashtags)

ContentStudio helps you to make a smarter decision by sharing social media analytics such as your top content, sentiment analysis, best performing day, the best time to post, top hashtags, and many more. Use this data to work out an audience-centric social media strategy.


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