ContentStudio Media Library

ContenStudio now provides a digital warehouse where users can store their multimedia property safely. Upload all of your ideas, creativity and imagination in our easy-to-access asset manager reducing your workloads instantly sharing your graphics with your posts.

A cloud-based storage for all of your multimedia

Keep your multimedia with us online for instant access anytime by you and your team members. Be it videos, Gifs, or images; upload your media to our online storage where you can attach them on-the-go to your posts. No upload times, no space constrictions.

Your library, Your mind-map

Find what you need, when you need it. Our sorter and filters provide seamless navigation through your library. Your data is organised for quick navigation based on the type of the file, your perspective is further enhanced with the sorter.

Reuse Reduce and Recycle your most reputable art.

Browse through your most admired visuals saving you valuable time as a dependable option. Reuse your data, Reduce your work, Recycle your content.

Hassle-free composition

Use your favourite pictures on websites. Simply paste its URL in the composer and we will fetch it for you attaching it directly to your post. Copy the URL and paste it in our Direct link, that is all. Direct, Instant, Immediate. (It can also be “Copy and Paste. Yes, it is that simple”).

It's free real-estates

Use tags and other taxonomies to label content by topic, team, and audience. Find the files you need, when you need them in just a few clicks. And identify how and where photos, images, videos, and other content are used in projects across CoSchedule to easily apply necessary changes. Store and share your high-flying posts, again and again. Throw in fresh captions, test a new message, edit or just reuse.