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12 Best Agorapulse Alternatives for Marketing Agencies in 2023

Ready to pivot your social strategy? Uncover the 12 leading Agorapulse alternatives tailored for marketing maestros. Elevate your agency's game with tools that redefine the social strategy landscape.

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Why You Should Consider Alternatives to Agorapulse

Amidst the numerous social media management tools available, considering innovative alternatives tailored to your needs is a smart move.

  • Explore alternatives to Agorapulse for a more cost-effective solution

  • Look for tools supporting Instagram Stories, unlike Agorapulse

  • Seek alternatives with a unified inbox for streamlined social media management

  • Consider tools that integrate with specific platforms and services essential for your business.

  • Opt for alternatives offering AI-driven features to enhance content creation and curation

Let us help you find the best Agorapulse alternative for social media management, select a tool that offers more features, saves you money, and helps you grow your social channels




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Meet ContentStudio: the future of content marketing and social media management tailored for businesses and marketers.

With its comprehensive suite of tools and intuitive interface, ContentStudio takes content creation, curation, and distribution to a new level. This all-in-one platform enables users to research trending topics, curate engaging content from various sources, schedule and publish across multiple social media platforms, and analyze performance metrics from a single dashboard.

Whether you're a small business owner, a marketing professional, or a social media influencer, ContentStudio equips you with the tools and insights needed to streamline your content marketing efforts and drive superior results.

With ContentStudio's cutting-edge AI features, you'll work smarter, not harder. Save time, boost engagement, and unleash the full potential of your content with the power of AI at your fingertips.

With its advanced features, more comprehensive integrations, and flexible pricing, ContentStudio confidently presents itself as a robust Agorapulse alternative.

Key Features

  • Social Media Management: Schedule, publish, and manage posts across platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more.

  • Team Collaboration: Streamline team cooperation with tools for task assignment, feedback, and collaboration.

  • Workflow Management: Manage multi-stage approvals efficiently with tools for task assignment, feedback, and real-time tracking.

  • Blog Content Management: Create and publish content to blog platforms like WordPress, Medium, Shopify, Tumblr, etc.

  • Unified Social Inbox: Manage all social media interactions in one place, offering superior customer service.

  • Analytics: Gain insights and track performance with metrics like engagement, reach, and conversions.

  • AI-Powered Content Generation: Save time and overcome writer’s blocks with AI-generated captions and images.

  • Content Distribution & Promotion: Distribute and promote content across email, social media, and other channels using ContentStudio tools.

  • Content Curation: Curate relevant third-party content to share with your audience.

  • Integrations: Streamline workflows with integrations to platforms like WordPress, Medium, Webflow, Replug, Bit.ly, etc.

  • 24/7 Customer Support: Experience superior customer service with our 24/7 live chat and email support, ensuring your success is our passion.

  • Budget-Friendly Option: ContentStudio offers superior value, allowing up to 25 social accounts for $99/month. In contrast, Agorapulse's priciest 'Enterprise' plan permits only 60 profiles, charging extra for more connections.

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Plan type


Team members


Social accounts


Approval workflows

Yes, All Plans

Content calendar


Client workspaces


Social inbox

hootsuite alternative



Plan type


Team members


Social accounts


Approval workflows


Content calendar


Client workspaces


Social inbox

Supported Networks3206
Social Media Scheduling
AI caption generationNot Available
Content Calendar
Pinterest IntegrationNot Available
Content Categorization and TaggingNot Available
Team Collaboration
Social Media Management
Post Engagement and InteractionNot Available
URL Shortening and Tracking
ReportingNot Available
Hashtag suggestionsNot Available
Social image creationNot Available
Instagram Direct Publishing
Integration with Canva, Zapier, and FeedlyNot Available
hootsuite alternative

Here are the additional standout features not to be missed

  • Trending Content Discovery

  • Streamline recurring social media activities

  • Simplify organization and access to marketing content

  • Stay current with the latest content updates

  • Enhance social media presence by posting at optimal times

  • Broaden Twitter reaches with up to 25 threaded tweets

  • Content Timeline

  • Maintain distinct workspaces for individual clients

  • Find industry-relevant influencers swiftly


"I'm impressed with the team's dedication to rolling out well-designed features. ContentStudio's planner is user-friendly, and their 'Content Discovery' stands out. They support posting to multiple channels and their 'Automation Recipes' lets you auto-schedule content based on your rules. Plus, the 'approval feature' ensures only the right content gets published."

Rasmus Bernt Knudsen

Rasmus Bernt Knudsen

External Senior Management Consultant (Time Limited Assignment)


Dive into Buffer, a superior alternative to Agorapulse. Easily manage social media, schedule posts, and analyze performance with our intuitive interface.

Maximize robust scheduling and analytics tools for strategic content distribution and insightful data on your audience.

For individuals or businesses seeking a seamless digital experience, Buffer is your answer. Embrace a more innovative social media strategy with Buffer.

  • Post across social platforms effortlessly

  • Gauge your social media performance

  • Visualize and plan your content

  • Keep an eye on brand-related conversations

  • Manage content on the go

  • Schedule and post to Instagram directly




With Buffer, managing content and tracking user engagement is an effortless endeavor. Buffer's robust analytics feature offers more profound insights into post-performance, helping you tweak your content strategy for optimal results.

On the contrary, Agorapulse falters with Instagram direct messages, a shortcoming attributed to Instagram's API restrictions, not Agorapulse itself. Like Buffer, Agorapulse, too, doesn't support social publishing templates or A/B testing facilities.

Price: Buffer offers plans starting at just $5/month per social channel. If you're part of a team, consider our Teams plan, priced at $10/month for a single social channel.


Sprout Social revolutionizes social media management with its vast array of tools and analytics features. Boost your online presence with its robust scheduling and publishing capabilities, designed to simplify content automation across multiple social platforms.

Experience real-time engagement with a centralized inbox for monitoring messages, comments, and mentions. Leverage Sprout Social's advanced analytics to comprehensively understand audience demographics, post-performance, and engagement, enhancing your campaign effectiveness.

  • Schedule multiple posts simultaneously for consistent presence

  • Find and share high-quality content easily

  • Handle multiple client accounts effortlessly

  • Create analytical reports with your branding

  • Engage directly with your audience

  • Social Listening

  • Discovery Tab Smart Search

  • Maintain your brand with the "posted via SocialPilot" feature on Facebook,




Despite limited social media profile connectivity, Sprout Social excels with its chatbot offerings and the ability to analyze trends from Twitter keywords and hashtags.

In contrast, Agorapulse tracks sentiment across comments, messages, posts, or tweets. However, it needs Pinterest integration, ruling out post-scheduling for your blog. Some users have also reported issues with push notifications, necessitating the occasional app reinstallation for this feature to function correctly.

Price: The standard plan is $99, allowing connectivity with 5 social profiles. The advanced enterprise plan, priced at $279, permits up to 10 social profile connections for larger needs.


Later, a popular Instagram management tool simplifies posting visuals across various social platforms. Effortlessly share photos, videos, and stories and expand your brand's reach by searching for content and hashtags. Seamlessly manage six key platforms - Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, TikTok, and Twitter.

Later's standout feature, Linkin.bio, revolutionizes your Instagram profile, transforming it into a mini-website that mimics your profile's look while effectively tracking clicks and engagement.

  • Schedule social content effectively

  • Performance tracking

  • Clickable Instagram Links

  • Hashtag Suggestions

  • User-Generated Content

  • Optimal Posting Times

  • Product & Location Tags




Later has remarkable support for Instagram, and Pinterest is a significant advantage, while Agorapulse falls short with no Pinterest scheduling. For those whose content strategy leans heavily on visuals, Later is a promising choice.

Regarding affordability, Agorapulse struggles to justify its price tag for small and medium businesses compared to Later.

Later wins again, making it an attractive choice for budget-conscious businesses. Its integrated asset library provides an easy-access hub for all your media needs.

Price: Later's Starter Pack commences at $15, with Growth and Advanced packages at $25 and $40, respectively. You can add more social media accounts to the Advanced plan for $40; each new user will cost an additional $5.

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CoSchedule combines a comprehensive suite of content creation, publishing, and social media management tools, offering a streamlined approach to your marketing endeavors.

Experience the unique Social Media Organizer tool, enabling you to weave your social media strategy alongside other marketing plans. With this centralized hub, manage schedules and easily publish across various platforms.

  • Audience Engagement

  • Unified Marketing Calendar

  • Tracking of conversations

  • Reusable social templates

  • Publish social media posts across various platforms

  • Create and collaborate effectively

  • Streamline your workflows with automation




While both CoSchedule and Agorapulse offer features like a publishing calendar, monitoring, scheduling, social media reporting, approvals, workflows, bulk posting, and automation, CoSchedule takes the lead with its email and content marketing management tools.

Capabilities such as an asset library, enterprise support, and unified reports, which are absent in Agorapulse, further elevate CoSchedule's position.

Price: CoSchedule provides a more straightforward and economical alternative to Agorapulse. Their 'Marketing Calendar' package is competitively priced at $39, encompassing 10 profiles and 10 users.


MeetEdgar equips you with diverse features, including post-scheduling, RSS feed integration, URL shortening, and more. The addition of a Chrome extension makes sharing links and adding content to your Edgar Library effortless while browsing.

Meet Edgar prides itself on its customer-centric approach, valuing feedback and continuously innovating to meet customer needs.

  • Auto-refill queue

  • Optimal Post Engagement

  • Direct Instagram Publishing

  • Auto-Generated Variations

  • Keep posts clean and track engagement

  • Video Uploading and Scheduling

  • Store and access your social updates




Meet Edgar is a perfect partner for freelancers, bloggers, and smaller agencies, providing substantial assistance across key social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Conversely, Agorapulse might be better suited for larger agencies or established businesses.

Price: Starting at just $19, Meet Edgar is affordable. For $49/month, you can connect up to 25 social accounts and fill your library with limitless content. Moreover, Meet Edgar ensures customer satisfaction with a full 30-day money-back guarantee.


Serving as a potent Agorapulse alternative, SocialPilot brings forth a suite of robust social media management tools. It offers a trusted platform for scheduling, publishing, and analyzing social media content, enhancing the efficiency of content dissemination.

Advanced collaboration features foster seamless teamwork on social campaigns. Moreover, it offers detailed insights into post performance, audience engagement, and follower demographics, paving the way for a refined social media strategy.

  • Automate bulk posts for time efficiency

  • Create custom, branded reports

  • Draw insights from detailed performance data

  • Discover and share compelling content

  • Engage the audience via a unified inbox

  • Retain brand identity with SocialPilot attribution

  • Manual tracking and IP monitoring




With the 'Agency' plan from SocialPilot, you can manage up to 100 social media profiles, unlike Agorapulse's 'Enterprise' plan, which accommodates only 60 profiles without additional costs.

SocialPilot emerges as a more budget-friendly choice if you're seeking robust post-scheduling and in-depth analytics, despite the similarities between the two tools.

Price: SocialPilot provides a 14-day trial period with subscriptions commencing at $25.50/month, compared to Agorapulse's pricing starting at $79/month for annual billing.

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Post Planner

Post Planner stands as a remarkable Agorapulse alternative, offering potent social media management tools. Beyond scheduling and publishing capabilities, it concentrates on content curation and engagement.

It features a curated content library for easy discovery and sharing of pertinent content. Its distinctive "Viral Photos" feature suggests engaging visuals to boost audience interaction.

  • Discover top-performing content

  • Schedule posts beforehand

  • Get content performance predictions

  • Automatically reshare top posts

  • Star rating for each post

  • Optimize strategy with in-depth analytics




Recognized for its excellent value and user-friendly nature in the realm of social networking software, Post Planner stands out as a solid alternative to Agorapulse.

Post Planner is an excellent tool for brands, entrepreneurs, startups, and agencies, appreciated for its value and user-friendly features. Unlike Agorapulse, mainly for small to medium businesses.

Price: Post Planner offers a competitive edge with a free version and free trial, and starts the plan at $9 per month - significantly lower than Agorapulse.


Hootsuite is an exceptional Agorapulse alternative, offering scheduling and publishing capabilities for various social media platforms.

Hootsuite's extensive integration options set it apart, enabling users to manage multiple accounts seamlessly. With advanced brand monitoring, analytics, and reporting tools, Hootsuite offers a comprehensive and robust multi-platform social media management solution.

  • Centralize your social messages and alerts

  • Set up queues for regular post scheduling

  • Schedule and publish across multiple social platforms

  • Monitor brand mentions, and hashtags seamlessly

  • Efficiently store and manage your media files

  • Keep an eye on competitors social performance

  • Content Library to store pre-approved post templates




Hootsuite caters to all user types; Agorapulse might not be the go-to for freelancers due to the lack of telephonic support, which Hootsuite provides.

Furthermore, Hootsuite's advanced offerings include ROI analytics and expansive third-party integrations - areas where Agorapulse can improve.

Featuring a streamlined tabular interface, Hootsuite presents all essential data on a single, user-friendly dashboard. Conversely, Agorapulse boasts a mobile-app-like layout with convenient notifications.

Price: Hootsuite's pricing starts at $49/month for the "Professional" plan following a 30-day free trial. They also offer a free "Team" plan.

The subscription cost increases to $129/month after the first month, with "Business" and "Enterprise" options available at $599/month, including prior demos.


Streamline your social media management with eClincher, a powerful alternative to Agorapulse.

Offering the ability to manage multiple accounts, schedule, and publish across platforms just like Agorapulse.

EClincher stands out with advanced content curation tools and a unified inbox. Plus, it's comprehensive analytics and extensive integrations provide a versatile solution suitable for businesses of all scales.

  • Unify your social messages in a single hub

  • Social listening and monitoring

  • Garner actionable insights from detailed social media analytics

  • Monitor audience sentiment

  • Maintain a comprehensive log of customer interactions

  • RSS Automation

  • Optimize your ROI on paid social media campaigns




eClincher sets itself apart from Agorapulse by offering some unique additional features, such as image editing, an asset library, and the ability to boost posts.

It stands out, particularly in providing a unified inbox that expertly handles messages, notifications, follower interactions, and comments. Notably, eClincher also outpaces Agorapulse in platform versatility, supporting seven social media profiles as opposed to Agorapulse's five.

Price: eClincher is offered in three tiers: Basic, Premier, and Agency, priced at $59, $119, and $219 per month, respectively. These plans support up to 40 profiles and 6 users.


Opt for Sendible, a dynamic Agorapulse alternative that empowers marketers with scheduling, audience engagement, and performance analytics capabilities.

Promoting team collaboration, Sendible allows task distribution and progress monitoring. Its detailed analytics offer invaluable insights, while white-label solutions enable branding and selective client access.

Manage your accounts on the go with Sendible's mobile app, a comprehensive solution for individual marketers or teams.

  • Schedule and publish content effortlessly

  • Analyze campaign effectiveness,

  • Offer client-centric white-label solutions

  • Assign team tasks with ease

  • Queues and RSS automation

  • Manage messages and notifications

  • Calendar view of posts

  • Email support




Scheduling and editing across multiple platforms is smoother with Sendible, while Agorapulse needs to offer numerous channel customizations. Moreover, Sendible's integrations with various social media platforms outdo Agorapulse's limited options.

Sendible offers support for various blogging platforms, appealing to freelancers and bloggers, and boasts competitive pricing and a 14-day trial, outpacing Agorapulse, which doesn't support Pinterest.

Price: Sendible's affordable 'Creator' pack starts at $29, and the high-end 'Scale' pack is available at $199, allowing seven users.

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Zoho Social

Experience efficient social media management with Zoho Social. Our platform offers seamless collaboration, tracking, and reporting. Manage and preview scheduled posts through the dashboard and publishing calendar.

Integrate your Facebook Lead Ads for real-time analysis and leverage their zShare extension for content discovery. Speed up responses by converting updates into tickets and generating leads with CRM integration.

  • Plan and visualize your content schedule

  • Smart Workflow

  • Content Library

  • Connect with and manage prominent social voices.

  • Social Listening and live-streaming

  • Customizable Branding

  • Control your social platforms in one place.




Choosing between Agorapulse and Zoho Social can be challenging, as both offer robust features. Zoho Social shines in automated engagement and multichannel marketing and excels in compatibility with various social platforms, business intelligence, and robust access management.

However, Agorapulse lacks customer targeting options and real-time notifications, unlike Zoho Social.

Price: Zoho standard, professional, and agency plans are priced at $15, $35, and $200 respectively.

Wrapping Up

Lost in the sea of social media tools?

Your journey to marketing success starts with aligning your needs with the right platform. It's all about striking the perfect harmony between your budget, aspirations, and future growth. Why not let ContentStudio be your compass for 2023?
Dive into ContentStudio now, and experience a transformative shift in your social media journey.
Try ContentStudio's 14-day free trial to elevate your marketing. Unlock new possibilities, drive engagement, and amplify your brand's presence across social media platforms.

A few frequently asked questions

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  • CoSchedule
  • Buffer
  • SocialPilot
  • Sprout Social
  • eClincher
  • Hootsuite
  • Later
  • Meet Edgar
  • Post Planner
  • Zoho Social

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