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Announcing : The #1 Content Curation Platform That Will Drip-Feed Optimized, Addictive, Viral and Niche Related Articles, Videos and Quizzes to your website on complete Autopilot!

Content Curation Made Push-Button Simple

ContentStudio gives you the flexibility to discover niche relevant content filtered by social shares, media types and virality. You can easily set post publishing frequency & schedule, and the application will automatically publish posts to your Wordpress blog according to your campaign settings. Content is automatically shared on popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.





And It's So Easy to Setup You Can Have Your First Campaign Running in the next 2 Minutes!

What Can You Expect From ContentStudio

Althought, you need to use the platform by yourself to see how powerful it is for you content automation. But you can at least get an idea from the feature highlights below.

Niche Related Content

A powerful listening engine is constantly fetching fresh content from hundreds of sources. You can get content on almost any topic you want which is ranked by social shares to help you pick one easily.

Fetch & Post Viral Videos

Quickly find trending and viral Videos from Youtube, Dailymotion & Rumble. Instantly publish them on your blog and choose the option to share them on your social media accounts with a single click.

Wordpress Featured Images

We know that featured images are pretty important to get visitors hooked to your blog posts. So our system automatically finds and populates eye-catchy and engaging featured images for your posts.

Multi-Lingual Content Support

Setup your website in any language you want using content in different languages from our database or get any article translated to your preferred language almost instantly.

Auto Social Sharing

Get your posts shared automatically on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and G+. You just have to setup your social accounts only once within the ContentStudio platform and it will manage everything on its own for next campaigns.

Quiz Creation Module

Quizzes are pretty hot these days and they can easily go viral. So we have added a full featured module for graded, checklist and outcome quizzes. Instantly create and embed quizzes on your blog from our easy to use platform and get free viral traffic from social media.

SEO-friendly & Unique Content

Want to rewrite an article at the speed of “thought”? That’s why, we have integrated famous content spinning tools like WordAI and ChimpRewriter to make the content unique while keeping it highly readable.

Powerful Scheduler

Due to extreme level of automation introduced in ContentStudio, you can populate your whole Wordpress blog from literally a single campaign. And it will take less than 5 minutes to setup. Set and Forget Posting Rules make it a complete hands-off system.

Content Marketing Has Never Been Easier!

Start publishing content that gets you traffic and sales in a fraction of the time it used to take

No More Spending Hours Finding Great Content

ContentStudio makes it extremely easy to build your blog with powerful content in any niche or topic you can think of. Most marketers struggle to produce content that is scientifically proven to increase engagement, traffic and revenue. So we have taken that hassle away by building a platform that will regularly publish awesome content to your blog and share it on popular social media networks at the same time without ever interrupting you.

Content Automation At Its Best

From creation and management, to publishing and delivery, ContentStudio will take care of your every need. If you want to ensure the highest quality possible, you can easily add your own text anywhere in the post. Since the platform integrates popular rewriting tools, it gives you the ability to automatically spin articles on the go to make them unique and seo-friendly. If you choose not to spin the article, simply check the option to cite the original source of content to make it 100% legit.

Proven content leads to massive growth!

Our platform shows you top performing content ranked by virality so that you can confidently predict engagement. It helps you find scientifically proven content that skyrockets engagement, boosts reach, and drives more traffic to your website from social networks. 

You Can Easily Build Something Similar!

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Viral in French

Indian News

Women's Life

Recipes & DIY

Health & Beauty

Travel & Tourism

Viral Stories

Realize What’s Possible With ContentStudio

Most of our members have been able to generate multiple income streams by building a network of blogs around various topics and you can easily do the same. Even bigger brands and agencies have started to use our system for their content marketing automation. Regardless of your technical skills and ability, you can have your first campaign ready and running in the next 2 minutes.

If you get on the launch list right now, there is a strong possibility that you will qualify for huge early-bird discount. Our subscribers will be given priority as spots will be limited when we open the cart.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need to install anything on my computer?

  • Can I use this on my existing website?

    Yes, you can use ContentStudio with new or old website as long as it is using wordpress CMS.

  • How can I fetch content from a specific site that is not included in the system?

    We have a section “Request a new source” within the platform. You can add you requested website and we will process it in within 48 Hrs.

  • Can I make my content unique from SEO point of view?

    You can easily make any content 100% unique and SEO friendly by using one of the spinners integrated. You can also preview the result and remove any mistakes to make it error-free.

  • How can I build a foreign language website with ContentStudio?

    We have added the option to translate content to your desired language in all campaign types. So you can easily create content in any foreign language in any niche you want.

  • Is it legal to reuse content like this?

    We highly discourage content stealing. This is where content curation helps you add more value to the existing content by giving your opinion/review on the topic. You should always cite source to give credit to the original owner by simply checking this option during the campaign creation process.

  • How can I contact you if I face any problems?

    We value our customers so we believe in awesome support. You can get in touch with us by sending an email to and we will quickly respond back with a solid answer to your problem.