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All companies, businesses, and brands rely on creating, distributing and promoting trending content in their industry to keep their audience engaged and educated. ContentStudio is exactly that for all your content related needs. Whether it be content discovery, composing, planning, automation, amplification or insights, We have got you covered.

If you are searching for a comprehensive Buzzsumo alternative, We have the ideal solution for you. Contentstudio is elegantly poised to fulfill all your content management needs. Using sophisticated social search analytics to discover topic relevant content and powerful content distribution modules, ContentStudio is set to replace Buzzsumo.


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Content Discovery

For a content marketing strategy to work seamlessly, it is crucial that your content resonates with the target audience. The discovery module of content studio uses AI to explore the Web, Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter, filtering out content that best matches your search terms.

Discover content by time period

Discover by Time Period

Find the most shared content w.r.t time to analyze which type of content is performing well.

Discover by social engagement

Discover by Social Engagement

Segregate the content in your feed according to social engagement. This will help you share the most desired content.

Discover by area

Discover by Area

Use the regional filter to find amazing content specific to a certain region. This will help you connect with the local audience

Discover by social channels

Discover by Social Channels

Discover content not only from the web but Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and other sources to discover the most relevant content.

Discover by language

Discover by Language

Search trending content in your native language. Currently, ContentStudio supports around 30 languages.

Discover by title

Discover by title or Body Content

Create custom queries and search for keywords and phrases either or both in the title and body content of the articles.

Content Curation

Presenting the discovered content in an eye-catching manner can prove the difference between day and night for your content marketing strategy. This art is known as Content Curation.

Search & discover

Search and Discover

ContentStudio allows you to search and discover trending and engaging content by creating topics of your interest. You can also get top content by searching for keywords and phrases.

Plan and Schedule

Work efficiently by planning and scheduling content for the coming months in one sitting. ContentStudio’s elegant scheduler gives a birds-eye view of your social content plan.

Custom topic feed

Creating your custom topic feed: The Query builder

The beauty of the query builder is that it returns you the best search results against the topics you have created. Using the latest search algorithms and the ability to form the most targeted search queries, the trending content in your niche is guaranteed.

The first method of creating a custom topic feed is by searching for particular topics and keywords. The second method enables you to list your favorite domains as the source of content. A live search preview confirms the accuracy of the topic builder by narrowing down results as you type.

Ease of Access

Keeping track of content can be a hassle especially when you are managing several social accounts. This is a common problem faced by media agencies and social media marketing managers. ContentStudio clears the clutter for you by providing smart filters allowing for a clearer view of each individual account.

Filter by accounts

Filter By accounts

Filter planned content by individual social account to separate the posts meant for a particular client.

Calendar vs list

Calendar Vs list viewing

Switch between the calendar and list view of the planner to get a holistic view of your social media content.

Filter by type

Filter by type

The content you plan could vary from being Article Automation, Video Automation Posts Evergreen, RSS or a simple queue. Filter them out on the basis of their nature.

Filters by members

Filter by members

Managing a team of social media managers and want to review each person’s content, we have got you covered.

Filter by labels

Filter by labels

Create appropriate labels and assign them to posts depending upon their nature e.g. music, sports, education, cars, etc. you can then filter them out to see which genre has performed better.

Filter by status

Filter by status

Filter content by the order of their publishing status. Whether they are scheduled, pending, published, rejected, under review, or failed for some reason.

Automate,publish & amplify

Automate, Publish and Amplify

The automation module of ContentStudio helps your social media publishing cruise on autopilot. Select from seven different automation recipes to choose the one best suited for your campaign. Let ContentStudio manage your blog and social media channels so you can focus on other activities.

ContentStudio harmoniously publishes trending content on all social media channels and your blogs. Create highly customized campaigns to fill your reader’s appetite.

Content Intelligence: Insights and monitoring

Data analytics has taken over almost all industries. People like to gather numbers and statistics and analyze them to evaluate whether their efforts are in the right direction or not. Nowhere this concept applies better than in content and social marketing.

ContentStudio transforms raw data into actionable insights to help you fast track your marketing efforts. By monitoring parameters such as post time, engagement, sentiments, etc, you get an accurate picture of how your content is performing.


Overview – Aggregated stats

Analyze the statistics against the topic you created to determine which of them are generating more traffic. Concentrate your content around them.

  • Articles Analyzed, the Total number of articles found while crawling the Web, Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter for the specific curated topic.
  • Total Engagement, This is a measure of the popularity of a custom topic. It shows the combined engagement statistics for a particular topic.
  • Average Engagement, it is the average number of shares for each article on the topic. Calculate by dividing total engagement by a number of articles Average engagement by channel.

Articles Published Over Time & Engagement

Check to see how the popularity of your topics has progressed over time. These content insights are unavailable in Buzzsumo.

Published over time
Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment Analysis w.r.t Time

ContentStudio has an unfair advantage over Buzzsumo of providing its users with data such as sentiment analysis. The algorithm analyzes the tone of the article and rates it as positive, negative or neutral.

The sentiment of an article remains the same over time, however, the total number of articles being published under a topic may vary the sentiment of that group and bring the graph up or down.

If you are short on time, just read the abstract, view sentiment analysis and hit share.

Popular Reading Levels

Each writer has his own unique style of writing and choice of words. ContentStudio has the ability to separate an article based on their reading levels. If you can determine the reading level of your audience, you can choose which articles will be more suitable for them.

The categories range from very easy, easy, all the way up to very difficult. Buzzsumo lacks such in-depth analysis of content.

popular reading levels
top domains

Top Domains on All Networks

It is always handy to know which domain to produce the best content. Not only that how frequently they are publishing. This information is shown in the form of a pie chart. Each of the top domains gets a share.

This section also depicts the total articles, total engagements and average engagement in a tabular form so to express why the criteria why domain have achieved their position.

Top Author

ContentStudio also shows you the top authors in any particular custom topic. This data is shown in tabular form and is absent in Buzzsumo.

The last section of insights is the “top author”. This tables shows which authors are producing the most content. Again this data is shown in a tabular form, with total articles, total engagements, and average engagements.

Top author

More than 70,000+ professionals already trust ContentStudio for their social media management and content marketing needs.