Multi-Channel Composer and Publisher

Whether you are looking to compose posts for social media channels or blogs, we’ve got you covered with an intuitive editor. Not only can you create awesome content at a faster pace, but also distribute it to all of your social media and blogging channels.

ContentStudio Publishes Content To The Following Networks.

  • Facebook


  • Twitter


  • instagram


  • Linkedin


  • Pinterest


  • WordPress


  • shopify


  • google my business

    Google My Business

  • Tumblr


  • Medium


Blog Post Composer Features

Search relevant content

Get Inspiration from Content Assistant

Gather ideas and inspiration on what to include in your next blog or social media post by searching for relevant content with your keywords across web and major social networks.

Embed Videos, Royalty-Free Images, and GIFs

Quickly find and embed topic-relevant videos, images & GIFs in your posts by searching for engaging content across popular sources such as Youtube, Dailymotion, Imgur, Giphy, Pixabay, etc.

Optimize Blog Posts with SEO Assistant

While composing a blog post, SEO assistant keeps an eye on your SEO score and gives you real-time optimization tips to help you create a fully optimized blog post that ranks higher in search engines.

Social Media Composer Features

Customized posts

Customize Posts For Each Network

If you like to tailor your posts for different social networks, you can quickly split a common post and customize it for each network. Optimize your caption, hashtags, and mentions for each network to maximize engagement.

Enhance Reach with Post Recycling

Each published post can be set to share repeatedly on your social pages with an interval you can easily set with a few clicks. This helps in getting more unique viewers and hence better visibility and engagement.

Prime-time Posting Schedule

Take the guesswork out of scheduling and post your content at the best times using the Prime-time queue slots calculated by our system. Alternatively, you can set up manual queue slots with your own posting schedule for each channel.

post previews

Post Previews

Before publishing a post, see how it will look like when posted on different social media networks. Take the guesswork out and start creating the perfect posts.

Built-in image editor

Built-in Image Editor

Compelling visuals are more important than ever and that’s where our image editor provides you with easy-to-use tools to apply filters, add effects, make adjustments, resize images and do a lot more.

Saved hashtags

Saved Hashtags

No more wasting time on writing hashtags. Save as many hashtags as you like in groups and use them with a single click when creating posts.

Link Shortening, Retargeting Pixels & CTAs

Enable automatic link shortening with our built-in shortener or connect with Bitly. Get better return from your shared links by adding retargeting pixels and call-to-action widgets using our deep integration with shortener.

Link shortening
Intelligent UTM assignment

Intelligent UTM Assignment

ContentStudio allows you to build UTM templates and adds UTM parameters automatically to all of your shared links. It also has the ability to assign the right social network as a source.

All The Publishing Tools You Need In One Place

When you combine composer with planner (calendar) and automation, ContentStudio truly brings together the tools and workflow necessary to create visually engaging social posts and deliver them to the right audience at the right time.

Other Features

We have a ton more features you won’t find anywhere else because we have built these by carefully listening to our customers’ feedback.

get insights

Get Insights

Get deep insights on how the content has performed historically for a given keyword or a topic.

RSS Feeds

Add RSS Feeds

Add custom RSS feeds and create highly targeted topic feeds with Boolean queries.

Trending score

Trending Score

Quickly see how an external article from any website has performed on different social networks.



Stay organized by working in different workspaces for different brands or clients.

post captions

Post Captions

Get context-relevant captions written by our AI and save time while curating content.

Post Approval

Post Approval/Rejection

Review specific post by team members and set status as approve or reject.