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Monitor your feeds

Add, Follow, and Monitor your favorite feeds

Add your favorite feeds and group similar ones to create topics. Follow and monitor the content from curated topics and search for countless feeds from any topic or industry. Choose from tons of hand selected feeds to ensure high quality feed.

Effortlessly read through heap of content

ContentStudio offers three unique ways to access your content. Use the coverstories to view the best content from your feeds published that very day. The trending section shows the posts that have received the most engagement so you know your getting top shelf stuff. The feed groups for a healthy mix of content from sources you have added.

Read through content
Share feeds to social channels

The power of social sharing

ContentStudio is the only tool that offers content coming from feeds to be directly shared to your social media channels. Shortlist an article, sprinkle a touch of personalization through content curation and publish it on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Bulk Import and history

Instantly add hundreds of feeds by using the bulk upload option. Create an OPML file of your feeds and upload it to the ContentStudio reader. Check the validity report and see which feeds were successfully uploads and which failed.

Bulk import

Salient Features of the Reader

We’ve built the feature to help you share better content that resonates with your audience and gets better engagement.

Pocket integration

Pocket Integration

Share your saved articles, videos and stories with your Pocket account and stay connected with the latest content for reading and listening.

Influencer authentication

Influencer authentication

Enjoy the unique ability to always share the best content which is also being distributed by key influencers in your industry.

Feed groups

Feed Groups

Create feed groups of similar content sources to produce topics with posts of identical niche.

Feed discovery

Feed Discovery

Discover the top performing feeds by searching the web for popular topics, domains, or keywords.

Curated topics

Curated topics

If unsure about what content to follow, select from our list of curated topics to help you get started building your own library.

Bulk uploading

Bulk uploading & History

Transfering feed URLs from external sources has never been easier, simply upload your OPML file. Analyze the import history to check which feeds were successfully uploaded.

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