Social Media Analytics to Help Drive Marketing Strategy

Gain meaningful insights from social data and create gorgeous reports to
impress clients or team members with data they haven’t seen before.


Multi-Channel Social Analysis

Fast track your social media engagement by measuring KPIs critical to your business. With in-depth analytics which makes your life easier, you can now:

  • Measure reach, total engagement, audience growth, top-performing posts, and many more statistics
  • View highly accurate and digestible data crunched into eye-catching graphs
  • Get detailed reports for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest accounts

Report Customization for a personalized touch

Instantly share channel performance with clients in the form of branded reports. Customize the reports with their logo or brand color to give a personalized touch while reporting.

Report customization
Automated Reports

Keep clients updated with regular and Automated reports

Share comprehensive reports with your clients. Automate this process by scheduling reports in advance which land directly in your client’s inbox. Create unlimited reports with time limits ranging from weeks to months.

Measure and analyze the performance of your content

Improve the engagement of your social channels by digging into content insights. Measure likes, comments, post rate, type, length, and fans activity; to determine which type of content is best resonating with your audience for a particular channel. Recreate the top performing content to intrigue the interest of your audience.

Analyze performance

Actionable analytics to fine-tune your social media strategy

Get strategic insights and highlight your social media performance

Custom date range

Customizable Date Range

See social channel analytics by selecting a wide range of dates spanning from weeks through months till years.

Group reports

Group reports

Stack the combined statistics of all social channels to get a wholesome sense of the social media marketing strategy.

Schedule reports

Schedule Reports via email

Automate report sharing by creating personalized reports for clients and scheduling them in advance.

Engagement Stats

Detailed engagement Stats

Measure likes, shares, comments, followers, and other attributes to determine the performance of your social media campaign.

White label reporting

White label reporting

Make an impression by Infusing your agency’s logo or company branding in the reports you share for a personalized effect.

Competitor benchmarks

Competitor benchmarks

Compare your page to your competitors or other successful pages on key metrics, such as engagement rate and total interactions.

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