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ContentStudio helps you to effortlessly create engaging content and strategically distribute it to attract and retain an audience. Create and publish quality content to ensure a healthy traffic to your social and blog channels.

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Content ideas

Continuous Stream of Content Ideas

Content Research is the cornerstone of a successful content marketing strategy. With ContentStudio you can search content from over 500 content categories in an instant. This makes life easier for content marketers who are looking for relevant and trending content in their industry.

Grow Your Knowledge Through Content Discovery

Never run out of great content ideas to share with your audience. ContentStudio scans millions of sources to cherrypick trending content for you. Use the Discovery module to find, share and read the best content on the web. Share the content that has the best potential to generate maximum engagement.

Content discovery
Content Curation

Curate Fresh Content Daily and Educate Your audience

For marketers who are unable to produce fresh content every week, content curation is the answer. ContentStudio helps you to discover, curate and publish content which resonates with your audience. Curate targeted topics using our intelligent query builder and populate your feed with trending articles from all over the web.

Compose Original Content With Ease

ContentStudio is a complete content marketing platform. The Content Composer allows you to create amazing blog and social posts. It has all the components that make up a great blog/ social post composer such as writing text, add images, video, gifs, picture editor, live preview, etc. You can also save drafts, view version history, add comments, words and paragraph count, and lock or unlock the content.

Content Composer
Content Distribution

Overcome Content Distribution Hurdles with Multi Channel Posting

Writing engaging content is half the job done, the other half is to distribute it effectively. ContentStudio integrates with the top social media and content publishing channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, WordPress, Medium, and Tumblr. This gives you a 360-degree marketing opportunity to get your word out to the desired audience.

Informed Business Decisions With Content insights

ContentStudio helps you find the content which generated the most engagement. Content Insights bring information such as total engagement, average impressions, articles published over time & engagement , sentiment analysis, engagement per social network, popular word count, popular days to publish and many many more. All these statistics will optimize your content marketing strategy to generate more engagement.

Content insights
Influencers marketing

Connect with Influencers For Brand Marketing

Connect with top Twitter and Instagram influencers in your Industry. Find out which influencers have shared a particular article, their top content, and other accounts they have mentioned. This gives confidence to marketers who want to share other people's content for audience education. You can also search and connect with influencers in your industry by searching for keywords and topics.

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