Social Media Management For
Large Teams

ContentStudio offers large team cooperation features such as project monitoring, real-time collaboration, comments, social media analytics, and automated report generation and sharing. An all in one social media management tool helps large businesses achieve more with their social strategy.

Real-time Team Collaboration

With so many team members working together in a large organization, communication becomes tricky. ContentStudio allows large teams to effectively communicate and collaborate on projects by providing real-time interaction on ongoing projects. You can assign tasks by mentioning team members, comment on drafts, preview progress, monitor activity, and version history. Manager can fully coordinate with their team members using this seamless workflow.

Seamless Content Publishing Flow

Make use of ContentStudio's publishing workflow to execute complex social media and content strategies with ease. Editors and contributors can send their work to be approved by managers, at the same time manager can see a list of all the drafts being composed at any given time. View the complete social media strategy at work for any brand to get a wholesome understanding of work progress.

Control Access To Workspaces And Projects

Eliminate the stress of who can access what information when it comes to social media accounts and publishing rights . Assign designated roles and access to team members depending upon their level of expertise. This also eradicates the need to share social media login credentials.

Save Precious Time And Money

Having a singular platform to manage all social media management and content marketing activities for as many accounts as you want saves unimaginable time and effort that can be otherwise utilized. Unlike other tools, ContentStudio does not charge you extra for each user on your team.

Social Analytics For Improved Performance/ Decision Making

ContentStudio offers in-depth analytics of social media channels and all pages/ groups associated with them. This way not only can you show the effectiveness of your strategy but convince the decision-makers about the future plan of action. Cement your authority with social proof in the form of charts and graphs. Add your manager in the reporting section so they get automated results of your account's performance.

More than 50k+ professionals already trust ContentStudio for their social media management and content marketing needs.