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Eliminate Approval Back & Forth

Bring all stakeholders onboard including content creators, social media managers, and even the client themselves to ensure onspot review and approval. Empower your team to achieve more with seamless approval workflow and easy scheduling.

Flexible Approval Workflow for your Agency and Clients

  • tick Add as many approvers as you want
  • tick Select appropriate approvers for each post
  • tick Choose to have content approved from everyone or anyone
  • tick Instant visibility of post status to all
  • tick Force publish post if any approver is not responding
Flexible Approval Workflow
keyless Client Login

Keyless Client login with discretion

Earn your client’s trust by indulging them in the creativity process. An advanced approval workflow allows them to see their planned content without the need of signing in to ContentStudio using a password. Approvers in any workspace can sign in using a magic link and approve planned content. Once approved, the content is automatically scheduled at the preset time and date. Now that is stress-free social media management for you.

Approve with Feedback and Live Post preview

Spend less time coordinating and more time perfecting your posts. A pixel-perfect post preview allows for a detailed and true image. The live comment section on the posts allows content creators and approvers to communicate instantly. Improve stakeholder relationships by meeting deadlines everytime. Approve or reject social posts, with or without comments that instantly changes the post status to approved or rejected.

Live post preview
Approval Notifications

Approval Notifications, Alerts, and Activity Tracker

Drive your agency in top gear with live in-app and email notifications. Eliminate confusion with a highly synchronized activity tracker. Share feedback, tag team members, and assign tasks, to supercharge your team’s productivity.

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