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Data and Ethics

Data has emerged as a ubiquitously sought after commodity in the world. ContentStudio plays its distinct role in the ethical use of data in its Content discovery and Competitor Analysis features. It deals with public data, user data and information ecosystem with keeping data security, and interests, and privacy of its users a core principle.

Public data policy

ContentStudio's Content Discovery and Competitor Analytics feature use available data over the internet that is available on public posts, public social media profiles, and public engagements. In the meanwhile, we do not acquire any data from private user profiles on any medium. If we share client names or specific case studies, it is resultant of required permissions.

Platform partnerships

All the information retrieved from social media platforms is fetched using official APIs and no illegal third-party applications are employed in the process. We follow compliance obligations to our partners and customers under our terms and conditions.

User data confidentiality

We keep the privacy of our users at forefront of our privacy policy. Therefore, when we collect user data we ensure the data is immune to breaches with multiple encryptions and the user's data is deleted when the user unsubscribes to our service.

Limited domains

The algorithm fetches data from selected domains to avoid cat phishing and ensure relevance in the process of Content Discovery and extracting Competitor Analytics.

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