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Marketers love the idea of social media automation. Many tools have created automation recipes that allow you to put social media posting on auto-pilot, some better than others. This is where ContentStudio exceeds in performance, feature range and UX.

ContentStudio not only automates social media posting but is a complete social media marketing platform. It covers all aspects of a social media marketing strategy, from content discovery, planning, scheduling, posting, automation, insights, and analytics. You can also populate your blog channels with trending articles in your industry. The extensive range of features that ContentStudio has to offer makes it a perfect alternative.


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Social Media Automation

ContentStudio helps you in finding targeted content to be continuously shared with your audience. This imprints your brand’s image in the mind of the audience. This coupled with the wide array of automation campaigns ContentStudio has to offer makes it an ideal alternative

Keywords and Domain Filters

Shortlist your money keywords that align with your business strategy and then search for targeted content which sits right with your audience.Use keywords and domain filters to create highly customised content automation feed.

Advanced Filters for Refined Content

Use intelligent filters such as post length, region, language, age, social engagement to fine-tune your content automation. This generates more engagement from the content your share. Search from all kinds of content including videos, images, and gifs for improved content variety.

Smart Suggestions

Keywords suggestions expands your content imagination. The smart suggestion assist will include or exclude relevant or irrelevant search results respectively with a click of a button.

Content Discovery

Find trending, relevant, and authenticated content in a matter of seconds. Fill your audience’s appetite with content which resonates with them to get more engagement. ContentStudio’s discovery module uses AI to fetch trending content from Facebook, Twitter, and the Web. Create customized topics to populate your daily content feed with articles and videos pertaining to your interest.

Trending News

Discover the most popular content by using intelligent filters such as “Time”. This will return content most shared in the recent days, weeks, months, up till year.

Social Engagement Virality

Share content which is already performing well on social media channels. This authenticates your material and is bound to generate more engagement.

Regional Content

Connect with your local audience by sharing content using the Discover w.r.t Area” filter. This will find articles specific to the area you have selected e.g. news, sports, and weather, etc.

Discover by Social Channels

Discover content trending on specific channels e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc. Use the Social Channel Source filter to discover content from your favorite social channel.

Discover By Language

Find content in your language to engage the audience of a specific region. Search from more than X languages to target people in certain areas of the globe and increase your reach.

Enhanced Search by Title or Body Content

ContentStudio allows you to search content by matching your desired keywords not only in the title but the body of the articles. This helps deliver highly focused content in your newsfeed.

Cover stories and Quotes

Cover stories are articles cherry-picked from your curated topics. This provides instant access to the 5 top-performing news, articles,or videos from all of your curated topics. This saves you a lot of time as you do not have to riffle through all content feed. Share stories on your newsfeed for guaranteed engagement.

Another feature unique to ContentStudio is the readily available Quotations bank. Treat your audience with a daily dose of motivational, educational, business, etc quotations and ensure a healthy mix of content.

Trending Score and Influencers

ContentStudio associated a parameter called “Trending Score” with each article to identify the ones which you should share to drive more traffic. This is calculated by a sophisticated algorithm which checks the engagement of each article w.r.t time to give you the true trending score of each article.

ContentStudio aims to facilitate your decision making in every sense possible. We authenticate the trending article by supplementing it with Twitter Influencers list. This shows the list of Twitter influencers who have shared a particular article in your news feed. You can then confidently share it with your audience.

Content Intelligence: Insights and monitoring

ContentStudio empowers its users to make better-informed decisions regarding their digital marketing campaigns by providing true content insights. This data is gathered from social media channels to reflect the performance of your social strategies.

Use the content insights such as best posting time, top-performing channel, and many others to finetune your posting habits. Extract more social engagement out of your channels by analyzing meaningful insights from ContentStudio.

Aggregated Channel Statistics

These numbers show you the performance of the topics you have created. See as a comparative analysis which of the topics are doing well in terms of engagement. You can then curate and share more content around the ones with the best results. Below are a few parameters on which each topic is evaluated.

Articles Analyzed:

The total number of articles found and analyzed while searching the web, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube against a curated topics.

Total Engagement:

This shows all the engagement a particular topic has generated from your social media channels.

Average Engagement

it is the average number of shares for each article on the topic. Calculated by dividing total engagement by a number of articles Average engagement by channel.

Sentiment Analysis w.r.t Time

Sentiment analysis uses intelligent algorithms to determine the tone of an article. Content is written in a specific mood or style which we analyze to categorize it to be either positive, negative or neutral. ContentStudio shows your combined sentiment of all the articles on a topic. The sentiment of an individual article will remain the same over time but the sentiment of the topic it belongs to might change depending upon other articles.

Content Engagement per Network

Another handy information is to know which of your topic is trending on which social media platform. Analyze the topic’s performance for each social channel and then replicate the ones doing better to generate more traffic. See the average engagement and total engagement w.r.t each social network presented in an elegant graph.

Popular Days

Not every day is a Sunday and that is exactly why ContentStudio has this section. It identifies the days when audience engagement is at its peak. This will help you plan your best content for the day with maximum engagement statistics.

In-depth Social Media Analytics and Reporting

ContentStudio allows you to drive a successful marketing strategy by giving access to deep social media analytics. This is a gold mine for marketers who can leverage this information for transforming decision-makers in their favor.

Access to individual social media channel analytics has a profound impact on your social media strategy. Better content planning, research, and target audience identification are a source of actionable business insights.

This is coupled with an automated reporting system to send customized social media analytics reports directly to your inbox. You have the liberty to brand the reports with logo and theme color to personalize it. Schedule your reports to be sent to multiple recipients to automatically receive them at the designated time.

Influencer Outreach and Marketing

ContentStudio helps you to increase the reach of your brand by connecting you with top influencers in your industry. Collaborate with influencers, use their word of mouth and utilise their audience to better market your product and services. ContentStudio empowers you to search for influencers w.r.t keywords and topics and evaluate them on the basis of reach and followers.

With its superior social media automation recipes, an elaborate content discovery module, and influencer outreach feature, it is safe to say that ContentStudio is a powerful alternative.

More than 70,000+ professionals already trust ContentStudio for their social media management and content marketing needs.