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ContentStudio empowers teams, agencies, and enterprise-level businesses to effectively and efficiently manage all social media channels from a single platform. We recognize the individuality of each client relationship. Thus we equip you with a powerful social media management tool to achieve the distinct social goals set for each one.

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Individual WorkSpaces For Improved Client Management

Untangle your team from the cumbersome task of managing several brands each with multiple social accounts by assigning a designated Workspace. Relinquish team members from the hassle of tracking folders, drives, messy files, and endless email threads.

Group people, social media accounts, and content calendars into separate and unique workspaces and see how managing multiple brands becomes simpler.

One Tool For Social Media Success

Equip your team with a tool to manage all brands accounts from a single platform. Discover, curate, create, plan, schedule, publish, distribute and analyze social media content for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, WordPress, Medium, Pocket, and Tumblr.

Social Media Success
Team & Stakeholder Collabration

Team And Stakeholder Collaboration

With ContentStudio you can allow interdisciplinary team collaboration by giving special access to designated teams. Add strategists, writers, quality assurance, and account managers for real-time input, feedback, comments and appropriation on ongoing tasks.

Not only this, but you can also include the client themselves to be a part of the creation, development, and deployment process. This reduces the back and forth comments exchange at the end of a project for seamless execution.

Interactive Content Calendar For Year-Long Social Media Management

Plan and manage content for a day, month or year using our detailed content calendar that gives you the ability to quickly review (approve, reject) and edit posts before they are published. Take control of your client's social media content arrangement by switching between calendar and list view according to the need of the hour. List-view provides you with more details along with all the action items such as approve, reject, edit and delete.

Content Calendar
Adaptable Group Structures

Adaptable Group Structures

Create autonomous groups to better organize your teams by assigning special rights to each member. Set precise publishing permissions, reporting access and feature controls at the individual and profile level.

Analyze And Report Deep Statistics For Informed Business Decision

Gain meaningful insights from social data and create gorgeous reports to impress stakeholders or team members with data they haven’t seen before. Instantly share a channel, profile or engagement performance with clients in the form of branded reports. Customize the reports with their logo or brand color to give a personalized touch while reporting.


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